Boeing's MQ-25 Refueling Drone Enters Flight Testing Phase

May 1, 2019 @ 09:52 AM

The prototype of Boeing's MQ-25 unmanned aerial refuelling drone, nearly the size of F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter, has entered the testing phase. The company plans to test fly the MQ-25 Stingray, known as T-1 or "Tail 1," before the end of the year

Boeing Awarded $5.7B US Military Air Tanker Contract

April 30, 2019 @ 07:53 AM

Boeing has won a $5.7 billion post-production contract to prepare the US Air Forces new fleet of K-46 Pegasus refuelling tanker aircraft for combat capability

USAF to Acquire 10 Additional Boeing F-15Xs, 6 Fewer Lockheed F-35s In...

March 20, 2019 @ 07:25 AM

The United States Air Force (USAF) will purchase 18 Boeing F-15X upgraded jets up from 8; and 48 Lockheed Martin F-35 jets down from 54 annually, according to its new five-year defense hardware procurement plan announced Monday. Starting next year, the USAF plans to procure 18 F-15X jets for $7

Leonardo to Configure C-27J For Fire-fighting Capability

March 19, 2019 @ 06:05 PM

Leonardo is looking to configure the C-27J to make the aircraft better capable of fire-fighting operations to expand its multirole capabilities. The C-27J fire-fighter has a roll-on/roll-off Fire Attack System (FAS) made by Simplex Aerospace for airborne fire-fighting technology and capability, the company said in a statement Tuesday...

Harris Corp Wins $44M for Electronic Jammers On Kuwaiti F/A-18s

March 9, 2019 @ 07:23 AM

American company Harris Corp has won a $43.2 million modification contract for additional electronic warfare equipment on Kuwait's F/A-18s fleet

Israel to Choose Between Lockheed F-35, Boeing F-15

March 4, 2019 @ 05:50 PM

Israel is poised to choose between two fighters- Lockheed Martin's F-35 and Boeing's F-15 for its Air Force at a price of $11 billion as a part of its arms procurement plan. The country had on its list to purchase a squadron of combat jets, 5-7 aircraft for airborne refuelling and transportation helicopters to replace the four-decades-old Yasur (Sea Stallion) helicopters using the US defence aid money

South Korea's Air Force Receives First Airbus A330 Tanker

January 30, 2019 @ 12:03 PM

The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) has taken delivery of its first Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft, the company announced Wednesday. The new-generation A330 MRTT extends the endurance and range of the ROKAFs fighter aircraft, and provides the service with strategic transport capability for passengers and freight

Boeing to Deliver Four KC-46 Refueling Tankers to USAF

January 11, 2019 @ 11:13 AM

As many as four KC-46A air refueling tankers are ready for delivery to the McConnell Air Force Base with the United States Air Force (USAF) giving its acceptance to the first KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft. Delivery process of four subsequent aircraft destined for Oklahomas Altus Air Force Base will commence beginning as early as next month, the company said in statement Thursday

France Orders Three Additional A330 Tanker Transport Aircraft from Airbus

December 14, 2018 @ 07:47 AM

Airbus has received a firm order from the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) for an additional three A330 MRTT Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft. The aircraft, known as Phénix in French service, constitute the third and final tranche of the multi-year contract for 12 A330 MRTTs signed by the French Ministry of Defence in 2014, the company said in a statement Thursday

US Marines’ F/A-18 Jet, KC-130, Crash during Nighttime Refueling Exercise

December 6, 2018 @ 10:54 AM

United States Marines F/A-18 fighter Jet and a KC-130 tanker crashed into the sea during a nighttime refueling exercise off the coast of Japan, five crew members are reported missing while two have been rescued. A KC-130 air-refueling tanker and an F/A-18 fighter jet were involved in a “mishap” in the early morning hours of Thursday

Lockheed Martin, Airbus to Jointly Explore Aerial Refueling Opportunities for US Defense...

December 4, 2018 @ 02:14 PM

Lockheed Martin and Airbus have signed an agreement to jointly explore opportunities for aerial refueling for the United States defense customers. The companies will seek to provide aerial-refueling services to address any identified capacity shortfall and to meet requirements for the next generation of tankers capable of operating in the challenging environments of future battlespace, Lockheed Martin said in a statement Tuesday

Airbus A330 Tanker to Help S Korean Jets Confront Neighbors Better in...

November 14, 2018 @ 10:41 AM

The South Korean military yesterday received its first Airbus A330 Multirole Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft which will help extend the range of its fighter jets to better confront Japan and China which are in a dispute with Seoul over the Dokdo and Leodo islets. The Air Force said Monday an A330 MRTT arrived at an air base in the southern city of Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province