S.Korean Tests L-SAM with Nearly Twice the Intercept Altitude of U.S. Patriot...

June 2, 2023 @ 06:09 AM

South Korea tested its new Long-range Surface-to-Air Missile (L-SAM) interceptor, which almost doubles the U.S

Senop Oy to Supply Fire Distribution Centre to an International Customer of...

May 29, 2023 @ 11:20 AM

Patria subsidiary Senop Oy has signed a contract with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS to supply integrated Fire Distribution Centers (FDC) to an international NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) program. The contract consists of Fire Distribution Centers integrated into Shelter Systems and spare parts

Ukraine Cleared to buy NASAMS for $285M

May 25, 2023 @ 07:03 AM

The United States approved a $285 million sale of National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) and accompanying equipment to Ukraine on Wednesday. Ukraine has requested to buy the NASAMS that includes one AN/MPQ-64F1 Sentinel Radar

Kinzhal Missile will Hunt More PATRIOTS Warns Russia After Destroying One in...

May 21, 2023 @ 02:55 PM

Russian Military is prepating to destroy two more PATRIOT air defense systems believed to be in Ukraine after its Kinzhal (Dagger in Russian) hypersonic missile broke up a PATRIOT system on May 16."The destruction of the first PATRIOT anti-aircraft missile system is a landmark event for the Russian Army

Turkey's S-400 Rival, Siper Air Defense System, Completes Final Test

May 17, 2023 @ 06:13 AM

Turkeys answer to the Russian S-400 missile system, the ‘Siper, has cleared final pre-deployment tests in northern Sinop province. “Siper, the guardian of Turkish skies, has achieved a precise long-range hit in its final test before deployment

Bundeswehr Orders 50 New PUMA IFVs for €1B

May 16, 2023 @ 06:45 AM

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall have won €1 billion to build further fifty Puma infantry fighting vehicles. Including value added tax, the total value of the order comes to €1

Northrop Grumman Hands over IBCS Components for Poland’s WISLA Air Defense Program...

May 16, 2023 @ 06:42 AM

Northrop Grumman has delivered Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) components for Polands WISŁA medium range air defense program. With this delivery, IBCS moves closer to being fully fielded as part of Polands advanced air and missile defense program

200 Recon Drones, 4 IRST-T Air Defense Systems in €2.7B German Aid

May 15, 2023 @ 04:57 AM

Germany is sending 200 reconnaissance drones and four IRST-T air defense systems to Ukraine as part of its latest

Pentagon to Have Counter Hypersonic Missile Capability by 2025

May 12, 2023 @ 01:03 PM

The Pentagon wants to upgrade the sea-based terminal (SBT) capability equipped on Aegis warships, to provide the ability to counter hypersonic missiles, within two years. “Russia and China continued to aggressively pursue and field a number of advanced capabilities, including hypersonic weapons and delivery platforms designed to evade detection across multiple domains and strike targets anywhere on the globe, including North America,” Air Force Gen

NASAMS Air Defense System with Indigenous Radar Reaches Trial Stage in Australia

May 12, 2023 @ 12:40 PM

The National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) for the Australian Army has reached its trial and certification stage. Qualification training is set to start soon after

Upgraded Iranian S-300 clone, ‘Bavar-373' Air Defense System to take on Ballistic...

May 11, 2023 @ 05:57 AM

The next version of Iran's missile defense system ‘Bavar-373, said to be a clone of the Russian s-300, will be able to hunt ballistic targets.The Iranian Army Air Defense Forces deputy commander for coordination said plans have been devised to manufacture the second version of Bavar-373 air defense missile system, according to Tasnim News