General Atomics Partners with India’s 114ai on Artificial Intelligence

September 29, 2022 @ 08:28 AM

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) has teamed up with Indian Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company 114ai for multi-domain situational awareness

Avenger MQ-20A Finishes AI-Controlled Flight

September 20, 2022 @ 06:41 AM

Avenger MQ-20A Unmanned Aircraft System recently finished a flight controlled completely by an Artificially Intelligent (AI) pilot deployed on an operationally relevant, Open Mission Systems (OMS) software. The test was conducted by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc

UK MoD Receives Rheinmetall’s AI-Powered Navigation System for Project Theseus 2.2

August 17, 2022 @ 12:26 PM

Rheinmetall said it has delivered AI-powered navigation system to the UK Ministry of Defence under its Project Theseus 2.2

DARPA awards Raytheon Contract to Improve Human Machine Teaming

August 10, 2022 @ 06:41 AM

The DARPA awarded Raytheon BBN an 18-month contract to investigate new methods and design practices to support effective human-machine teaming as part of the Enhancing Design for Graceful Extensibility program. BBN will work to develop human machine interfaces that enable non-expert operators to understand critical system processes; system performance thresholds based...

Artificial Intelligence Improves Robot’s Performance in DARPA Project

June 23, 2022 @ 03:38 PM

A robotic system developed under DARPAs Machine Common Sense (MCS) program performed better in experiments after it “learned” the required skills through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just as infants must learn from experience, MCS seeks to construct computational models that mimic the core domains of child cognition for objects (intuitive physics), agents...

BAE Systems to develop machine learning to identify signals in the RF...

February 3, 2022 @ 06:13 AM

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has awarded BAE Systems a contract worth $14 million advance machine learning and artificial intelligence technology and techniques to identify signals in the RF spectrum as part of the Securing Compartmented Information with Smart Radio Systems (SCISRS) program. The technology is expected to provide enhanced situational awareness, help to target threats, and secure communications against malicious attacks

CAE USA Wins $37M for National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Beyond 3D Project

October 11, 2021 @ 12:54 PM

CAE USA has been awarded a $37 million contract by the Army Contracting Command-Orlando to lead the Beyond 3D prototype development and integration efforts for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). The Beyond 3D project, led by the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX), aims to accelerate NGAs ability to process, exploit, disseminate and generate 3D geospatial data to support real-time analysis, mission planning and tactical operations

Rafael’s AI-enhanced Next Generation Combat Vehicle Suite, SEA BREAKER System to Debut...

September 7, 2021 @ 05:38 AM

Israeli firm Rafael announced today it will showcase Next Generation Combat Vehicle Suite (NGCV-S) and the recently unveiled SEA BREAKER maritime system at the DSEI Exhibition in London. NGCV-S transforms any combat vehicle into a connected, well protected, optionally manned, lethal defense system

S.Korea to Acquire AI-based Unmanned Combat Systems

July 28, 2021 @ 05:58 AM

The South Korean military could soon buy Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based unmanned combat systems to prepare for new kinds of warfare in the cyber, space and electronic sectors. “As our neighboring countries are putting national efforts toward science and technology development to prepare for the future, our military should also swiftly adopt cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and unmanned systems, and focus on developing defense policies and strategies for the future," Defense Minister Suh Wook said

Hensoldt Demos Airborne SIGINT Capabilities to German Customer

July 27, 2021 @ 03:19 PM

Hensoldt recently demonstrated technology and deployment modes of airborne signal intelligence (SIGINT) to Germany recently. The test flight campaign was conducted at Hohn Air Base in Schleswig-Holstein