New Russian Navy Frigate Completes Certification Tests

December 31, 2015 @ 08:59 AM

Russias newest frigate Admiral Grigorovich has completed trials in the Barents Sea, the Yantar shipyards official said. "The second and last phase of the certification tests is over

Electronic Reconnaissance Vessel Joins Chinese South China Sea Fleet

December 29, 2015 @ 07:43 AM

An electronic reconnaissance ship has joined the Chinese South China Sea fleet as part of three newly commissioned vessels. The Type 815G electronic reconnaissance ship Neptune (Hull No

Safwa Marine In Partnership With Novamarine Unveils First Fully Customizable Speed Boat

December 17, 2015 @ 11:45 AM

Safwa Marine in UAE and wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) today launched its first 120 HD Novamarine Professional speed boat in partnership with Novamarine, the speed boat construction company, Italy. With the launch of the 120 HD Professional, Safwa Marine and Novamarine will deliver on the needs...

India Developing Sensor-Laden Ship To Track Long-Range Naval Missile Systems

November 21, 2015 @ 11:47 AM

Indias Defense Research Development Organization will get a ‘technology demonstration vessel to track the full flight of future long-range naval missile systems. DRDO has assigned the job to construct the vessel for the purpose to the public sector Cochin Shipyard in the next three years, the Hindu news daily reported Saturday...

Indian Navy Receives Indigenous decoy System To Protect Subs, Ships

November 16, 2015 @ 10:45 AM

India has commissioned a Torpedo Defence System known as Mareech that can divert under-water torpedo attacks on ships and submarines. The decoy system has been developed by Vishakapatnam-based Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL)

India's Mareech Anti-Torpedo System Ready For Induction

October 26, 2015 @ 06:54 AM

Indian Naval Science and Technological Laboratory has developed an advanced torpedo defense system to divert incoming enemy underwater torpedoes and is ready for induction. The torpedo defense system, Maareech has completed trials and will soon be inducted into the Indian Navy, Asian Age News daily reported Saturday

Russian Navy To Replace Flagship Cruiser With Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser By

October 24, 2015 @ 10:30 AM

Russia has planned to replace the flagship cruiser of the Navy's Northern Fleet, Pyotr Velikiy, with nuclear guided-missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov by 2020. "The Admiral Nakhimov is scheduled for maintenance," Navy Deputy Commander Rear Adm

DCNS Begins Sea Trials Of Third FREMM Frigate

October 8, 2015 @ 12:44 PM

DCNS has commenced sea trials of the French Navys third FREMM multi-mission frigate, the Languedoc. The frigate has been floated out from DCNS Lorient shipyard for the trials off the coast of Brittany

BAE Systems’ Machine Gun Selected for Canadian Navy’s Arctic Patrol Ship

August 19, 2015 @ 10:45 AM

BAE Systems has won a contract to deliver six modified 25mm Mk 38 Machine Gun Systems for the Royal Canadian Navys Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) program. Each Mk 38 System features a highly accurate gun targeting and surveillance system as well as the M242 Cannon

South Korea Launches Guided Missile Frigate

August 11, 2015 @ 01:45 PM

South Korean Navy has launched a new guided missile frigate, Gwangju Tuesday. The navy is replacing older vessels, majorly frigates and patrol combat corvettes, with next-generation warships

China Debuts Zubr-Class Hovercraft In A Navy Drill

July 23, 2015 @ 04:06 PM

Chinese Peoples Liberation Army navy debuted its "new-type" Zubr-class hovercraft in a recent drill. The Ukraine-made hovercraft was set out for a landing exercise in mid-July by a squadron under the PLA navys South Sea fleet

Russian Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare Ship to Enter Service On July 26

July 21, 2015 @ 01:16 PM

The Russian Navys first Project 18280 large reconnaissance ship Admiral Yury Ivanov will enter service on Navy Day which this year falls on July 26. The Ship can keep snoop on enemy ships and aircraft and cripple their electronic warfare systems, Russian media reported today