Bayraktar TB3 UCAV to be Armed with Roketsan’s SUNGUR Air-to-Air Missile

January 25, 2024 @ 06:48 AM

Turkish drone maker Baykar is planning to integrate its sea-based Bayraktar TB3 with Roketsan's SUNGUR Man-Portable Air-Defense System (MANPADS). This was reported by

Indonesian MoD to Integrate Turkish ATMACA Missile into 41 Warships

January 24, 2024 @ 08:25 AM

The Indonesian Navy is gearing up to integrate the Turkish ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile into a total of 41 warships. According to

Turkey's Kale Arge Set to Deliver First Turbojet Engine for KARA ATMACA...

January 22, 2024 @ 01:36 PM

Kale Arge is poised to make the initial delivery of the KTJ-3700 Turbojet Engine for use in the KARA ATMACA Cruise Missile within a few days, marking progress in Roketsan's ongoing development efforts for the surface-to-surface cruise missile. The national engine, KTJ-3700, according to Kale Arge General Manager Cüneyt Kenger, is...

Russia's KTRV Boosts Missile Capability: Range Extended to 310 km, Payload Increased...

January 19, 2024 @ 11:27 AM

Russias Tactical Missile Corporation (KTRV) has successfully increased the range of its air-launched missile to 310 kilometers while simultaneously enhancing the payload capacity from 450 kg to a formidable 800 kg. Tactical Missile Corporation CEO Boris Obnosov confirmed the successful testing of the new missile variant, emphasizing the company's achievement in...

Japan Agrees to Purchase 400 Tomahawk Missiles

January 18, 2024 @ 12:59 PM

Japan signed a contract with the United States on Thursday to buy 400 long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles, seeking to acquire the capability of striking an adversary's territory with China and North Korea in mind. Faced with growing Chinese military clout and a nuclear-armed North Korea, the Japanese government plans to double...

Integration of U.A.E.-produced Desert Sting Ammo into Turkish Bayraktar TB2...

January 18, 2024 @ 04:38 AM

Baykar and EDGE Group have commenced integration activities for the Desert Sting 16 precision-guided munition into the Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The integration process is anticipated to conclude by the end of the year, followed by the incorporation of other payloads onto additional Baykar platforms

North Korea Tests of Solid-fuel Missile Tipped with Hypersonic Weapon

January 15, 2024 @ 06:09 AM

North Korea announced the successful testing of a solid-fueled intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) equipped with a hypersonic maneuverable controlled warhead on Monday. The missile reportedly covered around 1,000 kilometers and marks the regime's first missile launch of the year

Italian Astore UAV to be Armed with Turkish CIRIT Missile

January 10, 2024 @ 03:02 PM

The Italian Air Force is set to bolster its capabilities with the inclusion of the Leonardo-developed

U.S.A.F. Orders StormBreaker Smart Weapons

January 5, 2024 @ 04:59 AM

The U.S

Taiwan to Purchase $128M Worth Parts for MICA Missiles to Bolster its...

January 4, 2024 @ 04:34 AM

The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan's European procurement office has concluded negotiations with the French missile manufacturer MBDA to secure components for the maintenance of its French-built MICA and Magic missiles. With a allocated budget of NT$3

Pakistan Test-Fires Fatah 2, a Long-Range Precision Strike Weapon

December 28, 2023 @ 04:40 AM

Pakistan has test-fired its new indigenous long-range precision strike weapon, the Fatah 2, with a range of around 400km. The test, carried out by the military's media branch, marks a substantial leap forward compared to its predecessor, the Fatah 1, which boasts a range of approximately 140km

Iranian Navy Receives New Cruise Missiles, EW Choppers

December 26, 2023 @ 06:33 AM

The Iranian Navy officially received a range of new domestically developed weapons and equipment on Sunday, including strategic cruise missile systems and electronic warfare helicopters. The delivery ceremony took place at a coastal naval base in southern Iran and was attended by Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi