Kongsberg Discovery has Completed In-water Demo of HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle...

May 30, 2024 @ 07:29 AM

Kongsberg Discovery has completed in-water demonstrations of the HUGIN autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) within the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and U.S

Exail to Supply Electronic Chart Display System to Spanish S-80 Submarines

May 27, 2024 @ 10:23 AM

Exail, in partnership with GRAFINTA, S.A

Lockheed Martin Launches PAC-3 MSE Interceptor Against Cruise Missile Target

May 20, 2024 @ 04:36 PM

Lockheed Martin, collaborating with the U.S

Babcock Pitches Remora Vehicle Submarine Integration System to ROK Navy

May 20, 2024 @ 10:57 AM

Babcock Korea presented its Remora Vehicle Submarine Integration System at the YIDEX 2024 event held last month in South Korea, showcasing a solution designed to enhance the operational capabilities of submarines. The Remora Vehicle Submarine Integration System is aimed at bolstering Korean submarine capabilities through the provision of an extra-large Autonomous...

Indonesian Navy Chief Considers Interim Submarine Purchase Amidst Operational Needs

May 16, 2024 @ 07:02 AM

Admiral Muhammad Ali, Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy (KSAL), disclosed plans for potentially acquiring interim submarines to address operational demands while awaiting the completion of Indonesia's newly ordered submarines. Ideally, Indonesia aims to strengthen its navy with a fleet of 12 submarines to safeguard its extensive maritime territory covering

Indonesia's AI-Enabled Unmanned Submarine to Perform Surveillance, Attack Missions

May 16, 2024 @ 06:00 AM

PT PAL Indonesia, a state-owned maritime manufacturing company, is developing an unmanned submarine featuring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for surveillance and attack roles. During the Future Submarine International Seminar & Showcase event held on May 14-15, 2024, at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, Dr

German Consortium Wins Contract for Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System Study

May 6, 2024 @ 01:30 PM

The German MAWS GbR, a consortium consisting of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, and Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, was awarded a contract on April 25, for the second national supplementary study related to the Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System (MAWS) project

China Launches First Hangor-class Submarine for Pakistan Navy

April 29, 2024 @ 08:51 AM

China has launched the first Hangor-class submarine for the Pakistan Navy at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group's Shuangliu Base in Wuhan. The event was attended by Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Naveed Ashraf, highlighting the close military cooperation between China and Pakistan

France's Third Barracuda Submarine Begins Nuclear Reactor Startup

April 25, 2024 @ 09:42 AM

The nuclear boiler room of the SNA Tourville, the third submarine in France's Barracuda series, initiated its nuclear propulsion reactor in Cherbourg on April 24, as announced by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA). The nuclear boiler room for these submarines was developed under the project management of the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission)

Thyssenkrupp Launches Fourth Type 218SG Submarine for Singapore

April 24, 2024 @ 06:19 AM

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems shipyard launched the fourth submarine in the Type 218SG construction program, named the ‘Inimitable, for the Singapore Navy on April 22 in Kiel. The design of the Type 218SG submarines is focused on minimizing signature detection

Japan Considered for Involvement in AUKUS Partnership on Defense Projects

April 9, 2024 @ 09:55 AM

The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are exploring the possibility of collaborating with Japan on advanced defense projects within the framework of the AUKUS partnership. “Japan is being considered because of its strengths and its close defense partnership with all three countries,” said Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, who held a press conference today

S.Korean Navy Receives Third Jang Bogo-III Batch-I Submarine

April 4, 2024 @ 11:33 AM

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) held a delivery and handover ceremony for the Shin Chae-ho, the third 3,000-ton submarine independently designed and built using Korean technology. The event took place at the HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan Shipyard on Thursday, April 4