Georgia Signs Contract with Poland for Piorun-M MANPADS Air Defense Missile Systems

January 18, 2024 @ 12:41 PM

The Georgian Ministry of Defense has officially announced the signing of a contract with the Polish company MESKO S.A

DRDO Tests Next-Generation AKASH Air Defense System

January 12, 2024 @ 12:59 PM

India's Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has confirmed the testing of its new anti-aircraft missile system, AKASH-NG. The announcement was made via DRDO's official ‘X page

Rheinmetall's Skyranger 30 A1 Completes Live-Fire Tests, Advances Towards Series Production

January 12, 2024 @ 08:21 AM

Rheinmetall's Skyranger 30 A1, a mobile air defense system, has achieved a milestone with successful testing and live-fire trials at the company's Ochsenboden proving ground in Switzerland in December 2023. The assessments encompassed the system's functionality in both stationary and mobile modes

Rafael's SPYDER All-In-One Air Defense System Clears Trials

January 10, 2024 @ 04:18 PM

Israels Rafael defense contractor tested its advanced SPYDER air defense system in an All-In-One configuration, combining the missile launcher, command and control system, and radar on a single platform. Rafael claims the system, named SPYDER All in One, can be deployed independently or as part of an existing SPYDER battery

Canada's NASAMS Aid to Ukraine Still Awaited Amidst its Alleged Destruction in...

January 4, 2024 @ 12:30 PM

The Canadian government's pledged assistance to Ukraine through the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) has yet to materialize, leaving the Eastern European nation vulnerable amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions. The promised aid, announced in January 2023 as a response to the Russian invasion, included a $406 million NASAMS acquisition, forming part...

NATO Support and Procurement Agency Orders 1000 Patriot GEM-T Missiles for $5.6

January 3, 2024 @ 04:45 PM

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has awarded COMLOG, a joint venture between Raytheon, and MBDA, their first contract under the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI) worth up to $5.6 billion

South Korea to Develop Artillery Interception System "Superior to Israel's Iron Dome"

January 2, 2024 @ 06:55 AM

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) is developing an artillery projectile interception system, named Low Altitude Missile Defense (LAMD), which aims to surpass Israel's Iron Dome designed for low-speed rockets. The LAMD project is part of the Korean Air and Missile Defense System (KAMD) core power initiative

Netherlands, Germany & Italy Approved to buy $780M Stinger Missiles

December 23, 2023 @ 11:15 AM

The State Department has authorized a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for Stinger missiles and associated equipment with an estimated value of $780 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) formally notified Congress of this determination today

Rheinmetall Secures €328M Contract for Upgrading Romanian Air Defence Systems

December 23, 2023 @ 10:23 AM

The Romanian Ministry of Defence has awarded Rheinmetall, a Düsseldorf-based technology enterprise, a contract valued at approximately €328 million (excluding VAT) for the comprehensive modernization of the country's Oerlikon GDF 103 air defence artillery systems. This marks Rheinmetall's inaugural major order from Romania, an EU and NATO member state

Germany Buys Over 1,200 IRIS-T Guided Missiles

December 23, 2023 @ 06:07 AM

Germanys Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has placed an order with Diehl Defence for more than 1,200 guided missiles. On December 20, Annette Lehnigk-Emden, BAAINBw President, and Helmut Rauch, CEO of Diehl Defence, officially signed a framework contract for the procurement

Rheinmetall to Produce Skyranger Air Defense System for Hungary’s Lynx IFV

December 22, 2023 @ 08:59 AM

Germanys Rheinmetall has clinched a €30 million contract with Hungary for the production of its Skyranger 30 air defense system, tailored for integration into the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle. The agreement was formalized in Budapest, marking a strategic response to evolving threat scenarios in the region

Lithuania Bolsters Air Defence with €200M NASAMS Contract

December 15, 2023 @ 07:35 AM

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) entered into a contract with the Lithuanian government, valued at €200 million (approximately NOK 2.3 billion), for the acquisition of additional NASAMS air defence systems