US Navy Orders More BAE’s Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems For $224...

June 28, 2018 @ 07:43 AM

The US Navy has awarded a $224 million worth contract to BAE Systems for the production and delivery of an additional 10,185 Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS), the Department of defense announced Wednesday. “BAE Systems, Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc

Lockheed Martin to Deliver Laser Weapon Test Unit for US Navy Ship...

January 28, 2018 @ 05:00 PM

Lockheed Martin Aculight is being awarded a $150,022,901 contract for Surface Navy Laser Weapon System Increment 1, High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with surveillance system. Under this contract Lockheed Martin Aculight will develop, manufacture, and deliver two test units in fiscal 2020, one unit for US Navy destoryer DDG 51...

Star Wars Closer to Reality with Lockheed’s Tactical Fighter Laser Program

November 7, 2017 @ 04:03 AM

In a project intended to realize the ‘Star Wars dream of fighter jets spewing laser beams at enemy jets, the US Air Force Research Lab has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to design, develop and produce a high-power fiber laser to be fired from tactical fighter jets. The $26

Chinese Naval University Develops Electromagnetic Railgun Weapon

October 10, 2017 @ 10:16 AM

China has developed electromagnetic launch technologies that allow the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to build a futuristic naval weapon - an electromagnetic railgun. A railgun uses massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles at speeds that exceed Mach 6

Lockheed Martin To Test Low Power Laser from UAV

October 6, 2017 @ 02:42 PM

Lockheed Martin is being awarded a $9.4 million contract for the Low Power Laser Demonstrator (LPLD) that aims to fire a laser beam from a UAV

Bertin-Made Chemical Detectors Selected For Australian Defence Force

May 2, 2017 @ 03:23 PM

Australian Defence Force (ADF) has selected Bertin Technologies second Sight MS standoff detector of chemical threats to equip its troops. “The Second Sight is composed of different modules, providing it with unrivalled flexibility of use and versatility as well as compactness, deployability and operability,” said Romain Verollet, Manager in charge of the Defence & Security product range in a statement last week

US Army Demos Laser Weapon On Stryker Armored Vehicle

March 20, 2017 @ 03:43 PM

The US Army demonstrated the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization, or JIDO, UAS Hard-Kill Challenge at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, from Feb. 27 to March 3

Saab Gets Order For AT4 CS ER Anti-Armor Weapon Systems

March 18, 2017 @ 03:41 PM

Saab has received an order from an undisclosed customer for its new AT4 CS ER (Confined Space Extended Range) and the AT4 CS HP (Confined Space High Penetration) weapon systems. The new AT4 CS ER takes the well-proven anti-armour capability of the AT4 family and extends the effective range to 600 m

USAF C-130 Gunships Laser Test Likely This Year

March 3, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) plans to test laser weapons on its AC-130 gunships within a year. The laser beams would be a defence against incoming missiles or enemy jets

Boeing Wins $90M USAF Contract For Laser Pods

December 16, 2016 @ 10:26 AM

Boeing has won $90 million contract from the US Air Force to develop laser pods. “The Boeing Co

MBDA Demos New Laser Weapon System Demonstrator

November 29, 2016 @ 09:19 AM

MBDA Germany has carried out trials of new Laser Weapon System (LWS) demonstrator designed to test its beam guidance and tracking system in a sequence of simulated engagements of airborne targets. The trials were conducted at the Bundeswehr's military training ground at Putlos on the Baltic Sea from 4-14 October

Raytheon To Provide MK 15 Weapon System Upgrades To US, Turkey and

August 5, 2016 @ 09:10 AM

Raytheon has been awarded the US Navy contract worth $287 million for MK 15 Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) upgrades for the governments of Turkey and Australia. “Raytheon Co