French Soldiers Arrive in Ukraine: Russian Media

April 13, 2024 @ 10:59 AM

Some 100 French soldiers arrived in the Ukrainian region of Slavyansk on April 11 as advisors on the...

Rheinmetall to Deliver 20 Additional Marder IFVs to Ukraine

April 9, 2024 @ 08:26 AM

The German government has asked Rheinmetall to deliver 20 additional Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) to the Ukraine. The...

KNDS Germany Asks Rheinmetall to Supply Components for PzH 2000 Howitzers

April 3, 2024 @ 05:07 AM

Rheinmetall has secured a contract from KNDS Germany to provide essential components for 22 self-propelled howitzers, PzH 2000. The...

German Eurofighters to be Equipped with Saab's Arexis EW Sensor Suite

March 26, 2024 @ 09:53 AM

Airbus Defence and Space has awarded Saab an order for the Arexis Electronic Warfare (EW) sensor suite. The contract...

Airbus to Acquire German Cybersecurity Company INFODAS

March 25, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

Airbus Defence and Space has confirmed its agreement to acquire INFODAS, a German company specializing in cybersecurity and...


German Bundeswehr Awards €2.7B Contract to Rheinmetall for Heavy Infantry Weapon Carriers

March 22, 2024 @ 06:24 AM

The German Bundeswehr has sealed a deal worth €2.7 billion ($2

Germany Places $1.2B Order for Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems

March 22, 2024 @ 05:48 AM

Raytheon, an RTX business, announced a $1.2 billion contract on Thursday to provide Germany with Patriot air and...

Poland, Germany to Activate Armored Coalition for Ukraine

March 19, 2024 @ 08:03 AM

Poland and Germany announced the activation of a coalition of armored capabilities for Ukraine on Monday. An armored coalition...

IAE's V2500 engine Tested with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

March 18, 2024 @ 07:50 AM

IAE International Aero Engines AG (IAE) announced it has successfully tested the V2500 engine with 100% sustainable aviation...

Germany Accuses Russia of "Hybrid Attack" Amidst TAURUS Cruise Missile Leak

March 4, 2024 @ 10:34 AM

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has pointed fingers at Russia, accusing the nation of orchestrating a "hybrid attack"...

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