Aero Vodochody’s L-159T2X Prototype Completes First Flight

October 25, 2022 @ 12:32 PM

Czech company Aero Vodochody has announced the first flight of L-159T2X prototype, an upgraded L-159, four years after...

Czech Army to Get German Leopard 2 Tanks, Buffalo ARVs under Exchange Program to Support Ukraine

October 13, 2022 @ 06:30 AM

Rheinmetall is supplying the Czech Republic with Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks and Buffalo armored recovery vehicles (ARVs)...

U.S. to Replace Czech Republic's Equipment Supplied to Ukraine with $100Million Assistance

October 4, 2022 @ 02:26 PM

The United States will provide miliary assistance worth $100 million to partly replace equipment supplied to Ukraine. An...

Czechs Collect Funds to Buy T-72 Avenger Tank for Ukraine

October 3, 2022 @ 05:53 PM

Funds are being collected in the Czech Republic to purchase an upgraded T-72 Avenger tank for Ukraine. The fundraising...


Czech Republic to Start Receiving American Venom, Viper Helicopters from 2023

August 26, 2022 @ 10:09 AM

The Czech Air Force will acquire ten UH-1Y Venom multirole helicopters besides ten AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters from...

Czech L-39NG Trainer Receives Certification for Worldwide Export

August 3, 2022 @ 08:36 AM

The L-39NG trainer jet developed by Czech company Aero Vodochody has obtained certification for worldwide sale. The first production...

Czech Republic to Buy 24 F-35 Jets, CV-90 Combat Vehicles, Cancels Infantry Fighting Vehicle Tender

July 20, 2022 @ 05:00 PM

The Czech Republic today decided to cancel the tender for infantry fighting vehicles and authorised Defence Minister Jana...

Czech, Bulgarian Firms Suspended from Repairing Russian Origin Aircraft, Helicopters

July 14, 2022 @ 02:16 PM

Russia has suspended certificates that authorized Czech and Bulgarian aircraft repair companies to repair Russian-origin aircraft, helicopters. The official...

Czech Republic Opens Exhibition of Russian Military Equipment Damaged in Ukraine

July 11, 2022 @ 01:12 PM

The Czech Republic will exhibit Russian military equipment destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from July 11. Confirming...

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