China Practices Taiwan Landing with Civilian Ferries

October 1, 2022 @ 06:29 AM

The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is reportedly practicing on invading Taiwans Dongsha Islands, as seven civilian...

Range of Taiwan Air Surveillance Radar to be Extended by 2024

October 1, 2022 @ 05:42 AM

Raytheon has been awarded a $9,034,161 contract for Range Extension under the Taiwan Surveillance Radar Program (SRP). The SRP...

Taiwan Plans $228M Replacement of M60A3 Tank Engines to Take on Chinese Army

September 24, 2022 @ 05:21 AM

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense has set aside $228.71 million to replace engines of M60A3 tanks by the...

Increasing Use of Attack, Surveillance Drones in PLA Flights Over Taiwan: China

September 19, 2022 @ 05:41 AM

Taiwans defense authority on Saturday spotted a Chinese CH-4 armed reconnaissance drone, making it the sixth type of...

Chinese WZ-7 High Altitude Surveillance drone Spotted near Taiwan for First Time

September 17, 2022 @ 05:48 PM

The Taiwanese military tracked some Chinese 26 aircraft on September 15 including the WZ-7 High Altitude Surveillance drone,...


Taiwan Plans to Seize $28.5M in Assets from China’s Chip Designer VeriSilicon for "Illegal Operations"

September 14, 2022 @ 05:56 AM

Taiwans prosecutors plan to seize nearly $28.5 million in profits from Chinas VeriSilicon Holdings Co

Taiwan Setting Up Missile Base to Target Invading Chinese Warplanes

September 13, 2022 @ 07:51 AM

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense (MND) is establishing a military base in Yilan Countys Paotaishan to protect Taiwans...

U.S. Approves Sidewinder, Harpoon Missile Sale to Taiwan to Help Deter Chinese Aggression

September 3, 2022 @ 09:37 AM

In a move certain to make China livid, the US State Department on Friday approved the sale of...

Taiwan Troops Shoot Down Intruding Unidentified Drone

September 1, 2022 @ 06:23 PM

Taiwans troops have shot down an unidentified drone that had intruded over an island in Kinmen County and...

Taiwan to Shoot Down “Intruding” Chinese Drones

August 30, 2022 @ 05:42 AM

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense (MND) said on Sunday that soldiers will shoot down intruding Chinese drones that...

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