Lockheed Martin dispatches three F-16 Block 70 Jets to Bahrain

March 7, 2024 @ 07:07 AM

Lockheed Martin announced the dispatch of three F-16 Block 70 jets, from its manufacturing plant in Greenville, South...

Bahrain to Overhaul AH-1W Helicopters for $350M

March 30, 2023 @ 06:07 AM

Bahrain has received the nod from the U.S

Bell Delivers Three 505 Helicopters to Bahrain Air Force

March 20, 2023 @ 10:45 AM

Bell Textron has announced the delivery of three Bell 505 helicopters to the Royal Bahrain Air Force. Bell delivered...

Bahrain to Soon Become First F-16 Block 70 User

March 11, 2023 @ 04:34 AM

Lockheed Martin rolled out the first F-16 Block 70 fighter being built for the Royal Bahraini Air Force. The...


Lockheed Martin has 147 Aircraft Backlog for F-16 Block 70 jet

March 3, 2023 @ 11:17 AM

Lockheed Martin has a backlog of 147 aircraft for its F-16 Block 70 jet, the latest upgrade to...

Bell to Ship Final Six AH-1Z Attack Helicopters to Bahrain in 2023

February 21, 2023 @ 06:56 AM

Bell Textron said it will complete shipment of AH-1Z helicopters to Bahrain by the end of this year. Bell...

Bahrain Eyes French-Origin Egypt-Built Gowind Corvettes

January 30, 2023 @ 09:38 AM

Bahrain is interested in buying two Gowind corvettes built by Frances Naval Group, French media reported. The warships will...

Lockheed Martin's F-16 Block 70 Marks First Flight, Jet Meant for Bahrain

January 25, 2023 @ 01:54 AM

Lockheed Martin on Tuesday announced the first flight of its F-16 Block 70 at its Greenville, South Carolina...

Helmet-mounted Cueing System, Other Modifications for Bahraini F-16 Jets

April 30, 2022 @ 05:21 AM

The Pentagon announced a $7.7 million contract to Lockheed Martin for Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems for F-16...

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