Ericsson Agent Admits Bribery In Greek Radar Deal

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  • 02:48 PM, May 23, 2014
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An Ericsson agent has admitted to bribing Greek officials to win an Erieye radar deal at the behest of the Swedish company.

According to Radio Sweden, which famously broke the India-Bofors scam in the 80’s, published an interview with a whistleblower from within Ericsson who said that large sums were paid to a go-between and that the money would be used for bribes. 

Ericsson has already confirmed that a man in Athens, Christos Toumbas, was their agent, and that they paid him, the report said. Now, according to an anonymous source in the Greek police, the agent has admitted using money for bribes on the direct orders of a named Ericsson executive. He says he was in contact with Ericsson as recently as 2011. 

Meanwhile, in a written statement to Swedish Radio News, the telecoms firm said: "This information is completely new for us…If what Swedish Radio News reports is correct, then it is serious and a clear breach of our regulations." 

The alleged bribes were paid in connection to the Greek state purchasing the Erieye radar system at the turn of the millennium. In connection with the deal, over SEK 100 million was paid to a go-between in Morocco. 

The subsidiary that handled the radar deal, Ericsson Microwave Systems, was sold off in 2006. 

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