Boeing Completes Talon HATE Program Final Design Review

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  • 01:54 PM, September 17, 2014
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Boeing has completed the final design review for the U.S. Air Force’s Talon HATE program. The system will improve communication and information sharing among various platforms. 

Talon HATE combines information from fighter networks, national sources and joint command and control assets. Transmitting over data-links, the information can then be used by joint aircraft, ships and ground stations, improving communication and information sharing across the battlespace. 

Boeing worked with industry suppliers to rapidly prototype the Talon HATE system for the U.S. Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities office within Air Combat Command. The Talon HATE system is designed to initially be carried in a pod attached to Boeing’s F-15C fighter aircraft. 

“Working with our customer, Boeing rapidly designed and demonstrated this new system to meet an urgent need on an accelerated timeline,” said Alex Lopez, vice president, Advanced Network & Space Systems, Phantom Works. “The system assimilates information in real-time from multiple domains creating an improved common operating picture for tactical awareness.” 

As part of the development, the Boeing team integrated the Intra Flight Data Link (IFDL) used on F-22 aircraft within a proven flight communications system, called the Multifunctional Information Distribution System-JTRS (or MIDS-J). This marked the first time IFDL was integrated on the MIDS-J system, which is also used on Boeing F/A-18 aircraft. MIDS-J serves as a host for multiple concurrent communications waveforms that are essential for Talon HATE forward operations. 

“The Boeing team demonstrated communications interoperability between the platforms using these systems during the final design review,” said Sean Rice, program director, Boeing Talon HATE and Derivatives. “The feedback and advice gained from pilots, operators and support teams seeking to improve this prototype was vital to this success.” 

Boeing is scheduled to deliver several Talon HATE systems to operational squadrons in 2015. 

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