Roboteam To Showcase Portable Command Control System TacSA At AUSA 2014

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  • 10:06 AM, October 7, 2014
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Roboteam will launch its new portable command and control system with the capability of all-user; real-time ISR feed sharing at the upcoming AUSA 2014, the company stated Monday.

The system can stream up to 4 video channels simultaneously, providing a complete live picture of the operational area in a server-less system using a distributed network with no single point of failure.

The Tactical Situational Awareness (TacSA) system was developed in partnership with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) for several Department of Justice and Special Operations Forces users, to meet the challenges of reliable tactical situational awareness while connecting and managing multiple dismounted forces, first responders, and systems working in the same area. 

TacSA's capabilities include real-time geo-location tracking of all operators, as well as the accessibility of the program to all users - who can all communicate with each other, and individually view ISR feeds. Users can instantly send on-map telestration, capture and share chats, pictures, and files, as well as navigation and reference points. The system enables information sharing, including live video feed, to be shared immediately among all users, thus removing communication delays.

The TacSA system works on a secure, closed, self-healing, server-less mesh network that is ideal for operating in any environment - from open desert to complex subterranean locations.  The system is both adaptable and intuitive, whether supplied on

Roboteam’s ROCU 5 personal handheld controller - or on any other smart platform with Windows and Android operating systems.

Shahar Abuhazira, CEO of Roboteam North America said, "The TacSA is based on extensive operational experience and the needs arising from the field - as well as conclusions drawn from recent events.This capability provides unprecedented situational awareness to forces operating in the arena”. 

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