Brazilian Manufactured Gripen NG For Argentina

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  • 08:09 AM, October 23, 2014
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The Argentine Defense Minister Agustín Rossi announced on October 21 that the government will soon negotiate on purchase of 24 Swedish-designed Gripen NG combat aircraft that will be produced in Brazil.

The conditions of purchase, as well as the eventual Argentine participation in the production of these aircraft, will be the subject of negotiations in the coming months between representatives of the two countries. The contract for the acquisition and development of 36 Gripen NG by Brazil, should be signed by December this year.

The Brazilian Minister Celso Amorim said Brazil will explore "engagement with" the possibility of Argentine participation in the Gripen NG project. In his assessment, there is an extensive field to be explored in defense cooperation between the two countries. As an example, he cited the shipping industry, in the production of patrol ships and corvettes.

Brazil and Argentina have also initiated an exchange of experiences in the cyber defense industry. Besides participating in the production of the KC-390, Argentina has already expressed its intention of purchasing six of the aircraft.