Rheinmetal Shows-Off Modernized Leopard 2 Tanks At Indo Defence 2014

  • Our Bureau
  • 12:20 PM, November 5, 2014
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Rheinmetall is displaying a number of new combat systems recently delivered to the Indonesian Army at the Indo Defence 2014.

Rheinmetall delivered 103 thoroughly overhauled and modernized Leopard 2 main battle tanks along with 42 Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles and 11 various armoured recovery and engineering vehicles to the Indonesian Army.

Rheinmetall will also showcase its newly developed Wiesel (‘weasel’) family of vehicles, Oerlikon Skyshield MOOTW/C-RAM system  as well as 40mm ammunition, the new family of insensitive 60mm mortar rounds, medium-calibre Ahead airburst ammunition, 105mm and 155mm artillery ammunition and propulsion systems and, programmable 120mm tank rounds that are fully compatible with Rheinmetall’s 120mm smoothbore gun at the exhibit.

At Indo Defence 2014, Rheinmetall is presenting a mockup of the SERO400 attack periscope which can be used as a component of the Group’s versatile Submarine Command Team Trainer (SCTT). Developed by Rheinmetall’s Bremen, Germany-based Simulation and Training business unit, SCTT is highly scalable, enabling everything from operator training in individual sensors and systems to command team training for operational units.