Rockwell Collins RealFires Transportable Trainer At I/ITSEC

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  • 09:22 AM, December 2, 2014
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Rockwell Collins unveiled its RealFires transportable trainer today at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando.

Rockwell Collins’ RealFires transportable trainer is a high fidelity, scalable training solution designed by experienced joint fires operators for the joint fires community. This rapidly deployable training system contains up to three cases for the controller, the instructor, and an optional role player. The training system sets up in minutes and is easy to use and edit.

“Joint fires operators work within a complex battlespace that requires rapid coordination and swift execution to ensure mission success,” said LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager of Simulation & Training Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “RealFires delivers immersive training that integrates the trainee’s operational equipment, enabling cost-effective training that develops the instinctive responses required to control joint fires and effects.”

Ridgeway said a key differentiator for RealFires is that it uses the Rockwell Collins Rosetta Technology ® , which powers the U.S. Air Force’s Tactical Air Control Party Close Air Support System (TACP-CASS). Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers use TACP-CASS for digitally aided close air support. Many coalition partners use the  Rockwell Collins Rosetta Technology to power their FireStorm™ and Networked Joint Fires digitally aided close air support systems.

TACP-CASS is an all-inclusive, digital machine-to-machine close air support and surface-to-surface field artillery targeting system that ties off to command and control systems such as the Theater Battle Management Control System, Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System and the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below.

“As the OEM for Rosetta, we can produce 100 percent concurrency for the RealFires trainer,” Ridgeway said.  “Therefore, our joint fires operators know they are training on the exact same software and kit they will carry in combat.”

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