Northrop To Upgrade F-16s With HD Video From LITENING Targeting System

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  • 12:32 PM, June 23, 2015
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Northrop Grumman announced Monday that it has won a $74 million production contract to bring digital and high definition video from the AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING G4 Advanced Targeting System to F-16 fighter jet's cockpit.

With the upgrade installed, pilots will be able to take full advantage of LITENING G4's high definition sensors and advanced image processing, giving them a new level of image clarity and situational awareness. The upgrade, which is being rolled out on the F-16, is applicable to any LITENING G4 system.

Northrop Grumman will provide upgrades and spares for Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard LITENING G4 targeting pods.

"LITENING's digital, high definition video is a game changer that takes full advantage of the outstanding LITENING sensors and the new aircraft displays," said Jim Mocarski, vice president of Northrop Grumman's Airborne Tactical Sensors business unit.

"This upgrade is another example of our 'affordable firsts' philosophy that brings customer-requested features to the field in a rapid and budget-conscious manner."

The LITENING G4 Advanced Targeting Pod delivers the latest advancements in sensor, laser imaging and data link technology.

 LITENING's technologies include digital, high definition video, 1K forward-looking infrared and charge-coupled device sensors, short wave infrared laser imaging, color symbology, tracker improvements and enhanced zoom.

These advancements deliver more accurate target identification and location at longer ranges than previous generations of LITENING targeting pods while reducing pilot workload.

More than 700 LITENING pods have been delivered to date to the Marine Corps, all components of the Air Force and eight international customers. The pod has been integrated on variants of the A-10, AV-8B, B-52, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18.

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