Rheinmetall Offers Fire Control For US Army's Grenadier Sighting System

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  • 04:14 PM, October 12, 2015
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Rheinmetall Offers Fire Control For US Army's Grenadier Sighting System
Rheinmetall Vingmate MR 500

Rheinmetall has offered a fire control device, Vingmate MR 500 to US Army for Grenadier Sighting System program.

The company claims that the device is capable of improved first-shot hit capability at all ranges. The MR 500 is designed to minimize time and supports all users because of its ambidextrous design.

The MR 500 comes with an interface that allows customization by the soldier and supports extended-range munitions and airburst/counter-defilade warheads.

It is a manually adjusted clip-on aiming system developed for low- and medium-velocity 40mm grenade launchers and shoulder launched rockets (e.g. M72/AT4). The device incorporates an infrared target marker and illuminator and weighs only 11 ounces (300 grams). It is suitable for both underslung and standalone grenade launchers.

The system can also store 32 ballistic tables, two of which can be selected using a dedicated selector switch. It can communicate with external devices such as TAC-Ray clip-on (rifle-mounted) laser rangefinder.

The TAC-Ray is a compact device capable of measuring targets out to 2,000 meters and includes visible and IR laser pointers and illuminators.

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