Finmeccanica Won $485 Million Tetra PIT Mobile Radio Service Contract For Italian Police

  • Our Bureau
  • 11:16 AM, January 5, 2016
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Finmeccanica has signed a $485 million contract to extend the Tetra PIT program with the Italian Interior Ministry on December 31 2015.

The Programme is for the implementation of a Tetra‐based mission‐critical national mobile radio service assuring secure communications for Police Forces. Finmeccanica had not disclosed the value of the contract during the announcement of the signing of the contract.

The contact will allow for further development of the service across other Italian regions, and is financed through resources set out by the Italian Stability Law of 2013, 2014 and 2015, and represents one of the most advanced technological programmes for Italian national security.

The contract provides Police Forces with greater technological and operational uniformity, in line with the Government's investment policy in the security sector and in combatting terrorism. The Tetra PIT system guarantees the confidentiality of Police communications and assures optimal management and coordination of units deployed across the territory.

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