Indian MoD Plans To Trim Fat in 1.5 Million-man Armed Forces

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  • 01:36 PM, May 2, 2016
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Indian MoD Plans To Trim Fat in 1.5 Million-man Armed Forces
Indian MoD Plans To Trim Fat in 1.5 Million-man Armed Forces

India’s Ministry of Defence has decided to appoint a committee to suggest reforms in the armed forces.  

The purpose of setting up a committee is to bring in major structural changes in the Army, IAF and the Navy and to do away with posts that may have become redundant and ensuring modernization or addition of new equipment shouldn’t mean a corresponding rise in numbers for the forces, Tribune India reported Sunday.

The committee could be headed by a retired three-star rank officer who would be required to understand all operational needs and knowing how warfare has evolved or is set to evolve in the future. The last such committee, headed by former Defence Secretary Ajai Vikram Singh, on reforms was set up a decade ago.

Sources told Tribune India the three forces had been asked to project what all could be done away with in the age where the traditional war fighting is changing rapidly.

However, the committee has not been given any targets for reducing numbers, sources said, one of its key targets would be to reduce expenses. This may include multiple use of lands where any of the services has a station in close proximity to each other.

According to the report, a large chunk of the budget for this fiscal has been kept for salaries under the “capital” head. A sum of INR 90,208 crore, including a sum of INR 78, 586 for new equipment, weapons, aircraft, naval warships, Army vehicles has been allocated, while salaries for the three services – Army , Navy and the IAF , along their civilian staff — has been budgeted at INR 95,849 crore – that is INR 5,641 crore more than the capital expense.

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