Indo-Russian Cooperation Possible On MC-21 Airliner: Indian Ambassador

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  • 09:32 AM, July 14, 2016
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Indo-Russian Cooperation Possible On MC-21 Airliner: Indian Ambassador
MC-21 Airliner

Indian ambassador to Russia, Pankaj Saran has expressed interest in future business prospects for Indo-Russian joint production of MC-21 airliner and manufacture of its components in India.

The Indian diplomat made the comments during a visit to the Irkutsk aviation plant, a branch of IRKUT Corporation last week. At a press conference held at the plant, Mr Saran was quoted as saying by Baikal News Agency: "We will be glad, if IRKUT Corporation will call on the Indian market as suppliers, and yet better, as a joint production. We will try to establish cooperation in this direction as well".

The MC-21 is a new family of airliners unveiled by Russia last month. Its manufacturer, Irkut Corporation claims lower operating costs and higher seating capacity as compared to its main competitors such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

The visit was to mark Indo-Russian cooperation in defense and aviation fields. "This collaboration is an important constituent of Indo-Russian cooperation," Mr Saran said. “IRKUT Corporation always adheres to the front-rank technologies and the same applies to Indian companies. So, we will always have new spheres for cooperation", according to by Baikal News Agency.

Stating the success of military-technical collaboration between Russia and India, the ambassador further said: "Our countries have worked in a right way to conclude various projects. But with new technologies on the rise, it gives us new possibilities for more collaboration. We would like Russia’s continued effort to maintain India as privileged and strategic partner in a military-technical sphere".

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