Rheinmetall To Rename Itself ONE Rheinmetall

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  • 07:24 AM, September 2, 2016
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Rheinmetall To Rename Itself ONE Rheinmetall
Rheinmetall AG's headquarter

Rheinmetall, which is repositioning itself under the name ONE Rheinmetall, has mapped out a strategy program that will integrate Automotive and Defence sector into even more efficient union.

The aim is to optimize cooperation between the two sectors, generally enhance group effectiveness in its areas of business, generate growth, and expand market shares, the company announced thursday.

Armin Papperger, CEO of the Rheinmetall Group said, "Our vision is to become a Group that supplies leading technologies for mobility and security. To this end, we have launched the ONE Rheinmetall strategy program to more effectively interlink across their divisions the capabilities of the two sectors, Automotive and Defence, to become even more efficient and generally sharpen the Group's profile, both inwardly and outwardly."

Horst Binnig, Rheinmetall Group's Executive Board member in charge of Automotive said, "With the ONE Rheinmetall initiative, we are mapping out an overarching and unified strategic framework that will proactively change how people relate within the Group and pave the way for a new public perception of the enterprise as a whole.

In the past, Rheinmetall's civilian operations especially as a supplier of components for the automotive industry, have frequently been overshadowed by the public perception of the military equipment sector of Rheinmetall Defence, despite the fact that the Automotive sector generates around one-half of the Group's total annual sales of about €5.2 billion (2015)."

The aim is to change the way Rheinmetall is perceived. Armin Papperger said, our goal to position Rheinmetall as a group consisting of two closely cooperating sectors, each learning and benefiting from the other, and appropriately perceived as a unified entity by the general public," continues Armin Papperger. The rollout of the new identity will be accompanied by revamped brand architecture as reflected in the new umbrella brand: Rheinmetall Group.

Under this name, Rheinmetall will in future present itself as an integrated technology group whose divisions cooperate on a wide variety of levels.This is also reflected in the names of the two sectors which will include "Rheinmetall" as family brand. Rheinmetall Defence will stay unchanged.

"Our Automotive sector KSPG will operate under the name Rheinmetall Automotive, thus reflecting membership of the Group," says Horst Binnig.

The premium global brands, Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg and Motorservice will, however, continue as before yet visually restyled and with the addition to their name as a direct reference to Rheinmetall Automotive and hence to their association with Rheinmetall Group. 

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