Cobham To Provide Radio Frequency Micro-electronics For F-35 Fighters

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  • 08:47 AM, September 21, 2016
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Cobham To Provide Radio Frequency Micro-electronics For F-35 Fighters
microelectronics (Image: Cobham)

Cobham has received orders worth tens of millions of dollars for radio frequency microelectronics for F-35 fighter jet program.

"Our portfolio of microelectronic components and assemblies enable electronic warfare and radar system sensitivity, helping pilots achieve mission success by maintaining situational awareness and staying safe," said Jill Kale, president of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Tuesday.

Cobham said more than 100 company components are on board every F-35 Lightning II, including microelectronic components, microwave systems, motion control solutions for the electro-optical targeting system gimbal, communications chips, pilot survival products and aerial refueling equipment.

Work on the orders will be conducted in Caifornia by Cobham Microelectronic Solutions, part of the Cobham Advanced Electronics Solutions sector.

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