Israel Navy's Sa'ar 6 Corvettes To Be Equipped With Additional Iron Dome Missile System

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  • 01:43 PM, March 29, 2017
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Israel Navy's Sa'ar 6 Corvettes To Be Equipped With Additional Iron Dome Missile System
Sa'ar 6 Corvette

The Israeli Navy has considered to include more “Iron Dome” missile launchers on its Sa’ar 6 missile ships being manufactured in Germany.

The four Sa’ar ships were designed to feature an iron dome missile launcher, but they will now have two iron dome pods each, Defense News reported Monday.

Hezbollah Shi'a Islamist militant group has amassed a growing stockpile of rockets and long-range rounds that put some of Israel’s “offshore assets” within firing range. "Because of this growing threat, we’re adding another iron dome launcher on the Sa’ar 6," an Israeli defense official said.

Both cannons will be able to fire up to 20 Tamir interceptors, the official added.

The iron domes are specifically designed for cheap, disruptive rockets which are being launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon. Nonetheless, the last-minute design change is likely to extend the expected delivery timeline. 

A recent op-ed in Haaretz contends that Hezbollah is Israel’s "real threat." 

"Is a balance of terror being established between Iran and Israel similar to the one between the Soviet Union and United States during the Cold War?" the op-ed asks rhetorically.

Hezbollah’s capability consists "the greatest challenge facing the IDF [Israeli Defense Force] and its commander," contributor Moshe Arens writes.

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