Russia To Produce Penicillin Reconnaissance Systems From 2019

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  • 02:32 PM, May 12, 2017
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Russia To Produce Penicillin Reconnaissance Systems From 2019
Russian troops will be equipped with Penicillin - artillery reconnaissance system can detect enemies after 5 seconds hacked.

Russia's Ruselectronics Group will start to serially produce Penicillin advanced artillery reconnaissance systems, which are capable of detecting enemy artillery guns five seconds after a gun shot, from 2019.

"The system is capable of detecting enemy artillery guns five seconds after a gun shot," Ruselectronics announced Thursday.

The system’s state trials are nearing completion. The serial production is scheduled to begin in January 2019. The product is being developed by Vektor R&D Institute, which is part of the Group.

The Penitsillin acoustic-thermal artillery reconnaissance system is designed to search for the firing positions of artillery guns, mortars, multiple launch rocket systems and the launching sites of surface-to-air and tactical missiles and simultaneously adjust artillery fire.

As the system’s developers say, artillery fire is traditionally adjusted by reconnaissance teams operating on the frontline at the risk of their lives.

"As compared to them, the Penitsillin can operate at a safe distance from an enemy without an operator in a completely automated mode, which minimizes the effect of the human factor," Ruselectronics said.

The advanced artillery reconnaissance system accomplishes combat missions within a range of 25 km wide. It comprises several sound locators installed on the ground and the optical-electronic module.

The system receives and processes acoustic signals from gun shots (explosions) and provides information on the place of a munition blast, the strike accuracy and reports the location of weapons. The time of receiving a point target’s coordinates does not exceed five seconds.

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