General Dynamics Wins US Marine Corps' CAC2S Production Contract

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  • 10:24 AM, August 31, 2017
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General Dynamics Wins US Marine Corps' CAC2S Production Contract
Screenshot of CAC2S Interface

General Dynamics Mission Systems has won $105 million full rate production contract from US Marine Corps over four years for the Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) program.

CAC2S is a command and control system that integrates information from various aerial and ground-based radar systems and sensors to enable a common, real time air picture, the company announced Wednesday.

Used by the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, CAC2S visually combines ground and aviation command and control data for greater situational awareness and faster decision-making.

"Mission Systems will provide the Marine air command and control team and aviators with an integrated air-ground picture that allows them to adapt quickly in any size operation," said Bill Weiss, Ground Systems Vice President and General Manager at General Dynamics Mission Systems.

"CAC2S will help Marines at any echelon to plan and execute their missions faster and more effectively." Weis added.

Fielding of CAC2S to operational units began in May 2017 at the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, NC. The Marine Air Control Squadron-2 (MACS-2) is the first Marine Corps unit to receive CAC2S.

CAC2S consolidates the existing functionality of the seven Marine Air Command and Control Systems into one system. It is developed using an open architecture approach.Hence, technology insertion and capability enhancements are easy to implement and intuitive to use, which helps Marines at any echelon to see, plan and respond to operational changes in real time.

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