BAE Systems Unveils New Wearable Tech For Soldiers

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  • 04:20 PM, September 12, 2017
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BAE Systems Unveils New Wearable Tech For Soldiers
BAE Systems Unveils New Wearable Tech For Soldiers

BAE Systems has introduced a new wearable technology dubbed ‘Broadsword Spine’ – an invisible power and data network that is built directly into clothing using conductive fabrics instead of wires and cables.

The new technology allows vital electronic devices to be plugged straight into a vest, jacket or belt, with custom-built connectors hooking directly into power and data sources via USB. Developed in collaboration with Intelligent Textiles Limited, Broadsword Spine has been successfully tested by armed forces across the world in past 12 months.

This offers military, security and first responder personnel - all of whom rely on carrying electronic equipment and need a durable power supply for long periods of time - with a more flexible and robust alternative to existing power and data systems.

The system also delivers an estimated 40 per cent weight saving for the user versus alternative options – crucial when on the move.

Richard Checkley, Defence Information Director here at BAE Systems Military Air & Information said: "Broadsword Spine is built to operate in the harshest environments and to reduce the burden on soldiers on the frontline. Through the unique e-textile technology, and power and data management system at the heart of the product, we are reducing both the workload of troops and the weight they have to carry. We have sold Broadsword Spine to potential future users who will trial and evaluate the technology in a number of operational environments. We are working with our customers to support these trials and look forward to meeting their future programme requirements”.

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