Russian Military Helicopter Hits 'Wrong Target' During Zapad-2017 Exercise

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  • 01:59 PM, September 19, 2017
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Russian Military Helicopter Hits 'Wrong Target' During Zapad-2017 Exercise
Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter

The Russian Western Military Command today admitted the Ka-52 helicopter accidentally fired missiles during Zapad-2017 exercise. The statement came while refuting allegations on social media in regard to deliberately targeting salvos at a crowd of journalists.

"The homing system of one of the helicopters locked on a wrong target by mistake. An unguided missile hit a truck. There was no one in side," the Western Military District was quoted as saying by Tass on Tuesday.

"There were no incidents involving army aviation during an episode of the strategic exercise Zapad-2017 on September 18. Hundreds of Russian and foreign mass media, as well as military attaches from more than 50 countries were watching the exercise. All rumors in the social networks about salvoes fired on a crowd of journalists and heavy casualties are either a deliberate provocation or just somebody’s foolish act," the Western Military District said.

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