Kaspersky Lab to Open Software Source Code for Independent Review

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  • 12:59 PM, October 23, 2017
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Kaspersky Lab to Open Software Source Code for Independent Review
Kaspersky starts transparency initiative: Image for reference via hackread.com

Cyber-security firm, Kaspersky Lab will provide the source code of its software including software updates and threat-detection rules updates for independent review and assessment as part of its Global Transparency Initiative (GTI).

Kaspersky Lab today announced the launch of its GTI as part of its ongoing commitment to protecting customers from cyber-threats, regardless of their origin or purpose.

With this Initiative, the company will form three Transparency Centers globally, with plans to establish the first one in 2018, to address any security issues together with customers, trusted partners and government stakeholders.

The centers will serve as a facility for trusted partners to access reviews on the company’s code, software updates, and threat detection rules, along with other activities. The Transparency Centers will open in Asia, Europe and the U.S.by 2020.

The initial phase of Kaspersky Lab’s GTI will include the start of an independent review of the company’s source code by Q1 2018, with similar reviews of the company’s software updates and threat detection rules to follow.

The development of additional controls to govern the company’s data processing practices in coordination with an independent party that can attest to the company’s compliance with said controls by Q1 2018.

The increase of bug bounty awards up to $100,000 for the most severe vulnerabilities found under the company’s Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program to further incentivize independent security researchers to supplement our vulnerability detection and mitigation efforts, by the end of 2017.

Of late, Kasparesky has come under fire for its alleged links with the Russian government with some sections of the US establishment accusing it of breaching data security.

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