Navantia-Saab Team Submits Canadian Surface Combatant Program Bid

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  • 04:09 PM, December 1, 2017
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Navantia-Saab Team Submits Canadian Surface Combatant Program Bid
Navantia F-105 Frigate

A day after Lockheed Martin-led team submitted bid for the Canadian Surface Combatant program, Navantia-led group followed with its response to the multi-billion dollar tender.

Navantia will provide its ship platform, Saab Australia will be the Combat Systems Integrator (CSI) with CEA Technologies providing key elements of the proposed solution.

Navantia Chairman Esteban García Vilasánchez said that the team’s proposal is offering a solution based on the F-105 frigate design for the Spanish Navy has been proposed. This modern Anti-Submarine Warfare ship will incorporate Saab's globally recognized 9LV Combat Management Systems (CMS), elements of which are in service on over 240 platforms in 16 navies across the globe, including Canada’s own Halifax class frigates.

Demonstrating the proven capabilities, Saab Australia and the 9LVCMS it was recently mandated by the Australian Government for use on all major surface combatants of the Royal Australian Navy.

The confidence of the Australian Government in mandating Saab combat systems and tactical interfaces across the whole RAN fleet demonstrates the strength of our capability and we look forward to continuing to work with the Royal Australian and Royal Canadian Navies to continue to develop our world-leading systems

The submission of the CSC bid is also a significant moment for CEA Technologies, providing further opportunities for global partnership, and recognition of the radar expertise the company has built.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Canada in the CSC program,” said CEA Technologies CEO Merv Davis.

“We can deliver a mature radar which is outperforming the expectations of the Royal Australian Navy and has substantial potential for future growth. Building partnerships through international programs such as CSC is an opportunity for CEA to continue to demonstrate the performance of our innovative solutions. We are proud to be able to provide our Australian technologies to our international partners and allies.”

Under the CSC program, the Royal Canadian Navy will acquire up to 15 frigates to replace the Iroquois Class destroyers and Halifax Class frigates. Construction of the frigates will begin in the early 2020s.

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