Israeli Military Industries Develops Armor-penetrating 5.56MM ‘Super-Bullet’

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  • 09:05 AM, February 1, 2018
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Israeli Military Industries Develops Armor-penetrating 5.56MM ‘Super-Bullet’
5.56mm ammunition: Image for reference only, courtesy

Israeli Military Industries (IMI) has developed what it calls a ‘super bullet, a 5.56mm round for automatic weapons that can penetrate 3.4-millimeter steel plates at ranges of up to 800 meters.

Globes newpaper quoting IMI small arms ammunition division managing director Israel Shmilovitz said that the new bullet was developed in response to operational requests by many armies and security forces around the world seeking uniformity in the types of ammunition they use, without sacrificing performance, such as the ability to penetrate armor, which was previously only possible with 7.62-millimeter bullets adapted to automatic weapons fire.

IMI said that the new bullet gave combat soldiers improved capabilities, while enhancing firepower equivalent to that of an FN MAG machine gun and reducing the weight of the equipment required to carry it in the battlefield.

A series of trials revealed that the bullet was 30% more accurate than 7.62-millimeter ammunition at ranges up to 550 meters, and had greater penetration capability at ranges up to 800 meters. The bullet penetrated 3.4-millimeter steel plates at this range.

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