Egyptian Air Force Shows-off Chinese-made Wing Loong Attack Drones

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  • 02:07 PM, October 19, 2018
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Egyptian Air Force Shows-off Chinese-made Wing Loong Attack Drones
Egyptian Air Force's Wing Loong attack drone: Image via Youtube

Egypt has announced it has inducted Chinese-made Wing Loong Attack drones into its Air Force.

Video of the Wing Loong drone, taking off with missiles on its hard-points and knocking off a ground target was shown as part of a publicity video telecast on Egyptian media on the occasion of the 45th Air Force Day. The footage also included pilots guiding the drone in the ground and in the sky.

The full documentary about the Air Force day was published by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence on its official social media pages.

“The Egyptian military has been boosted with the latest global armament systems, including the multirole Rafale aircrafts, F-16 fighter jets, Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters and China’s Wing Loong armed aircrafts,” a voice-over said in the video.

The Wing Loong drone, one of China’s biggest defence export successes comes armed with China’s Blue Arrow-7 laser-guided missiles. It is manufactured by China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group in 2008.

The Chinese company has not yet made an official announcement of a sale to Egypt but unconfirmed reports say it has been sold to Saudi Arabia and Jordan as well. Most recently, Pakistan ordered 48 Wing Loong Drones, according to unofficial reports in the Chinese media.

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