Ireland Orders RBS-70 BOLIDE Missiles from Saab

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  • 02:07 PM, December 13, 2018
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Ireland Orders RBS-70 BOLIDE Missiles from Saab
RBS 70

Ireland has ordered RBS 70 short-range anti-aircraft missile from Saab. The order contains the BOLIDE missile, which is latest missile available for the RBS 70 system.

RBS 70 is a Man-Portable Air-Defense System (MANPADS) designed for anti-aircraft warfare in all climate zones and with little to no support from other forces. The RBS 70 is a Short-range Air Defense (SHORAD) laser guided missile system.

Mk 1 and Mk 2 followed shortly and are the standard RBS 70 with a range of 5,000–6,000 m and a ceiling of 3,000 m. Currently, RBS 70 is operational in 18 customer countries, on all continents and in arctic, desert, and tropical environments.

In 2003 the "BOLIDE" upgrade system was introduced to the RBS 70. The BOLIDE missile is an RBS 70 Mk 2 upgrade that is faster (Mach 2 vs Mach 1.6), with a range up to 8 km (5.0 mi) and can reach an altitude of 5 km. Deliveries were initiated in 2005.