Huntington Ingalls Wins $727M For Virginia-Class Block V Submarines

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  • 07:20 AM, April 13, 2019
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Huntington Ingalls Wins $727M For Virginia-Class Block V Submarines
Virginia-class submarine Delaware (source : Huntington Ingalls)

Huntington Ingalls has won a $727 million modification contract General Dynamics Electric Boat for the procurement of long-lead-time material for Virginia-class submarines.

The award provides new funding to an existing contract for long-lead-time material to support the construction of Block V submarines. The current contract brings the overall contract value to $1.04 billion, Huntington Ingalls said in a statement Friday.

According to the company, Virginia class is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines being built to replace the Los Angeles-class submarines as they are retired.

Virginia-class submarines incorporate new technologies and innovations that increase firepower, manoeuvrability, stealth and enhance their warfighting capabilities. These submarines are capable of supporting multiple mission packages and can operate at submerged speeds of more than 25 knots for months at a time.

The 84-foot Block V submarines built will have additional Virginia Payload Module (VPM) mid-body section, increasing their overall length. The VPM will add four more VPTs of the same diameter and greater height, located on the centerline, carrying up to seven Tomahawk missiles apiece.

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