AERALIS Offers Leasing Model for Fighter Jet Pilot Training

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  • 12:58 PM, May 1, 2019
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AERALIS  Offers Leasing Model for Fighter Jet  Pilot Training
AERALIS trainer aircraft

AERALIS is developing a new generation of fighter jet pilot training aircraft and flying training system for lease to reduce costs.  

The AERALIS suite of jet trainers will have 85% commonality of parts allowing for cost savings over purchasing more traditional aircraft, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

“Buying trainer aircraft outright is a major investment for any air force and much of that investment is wasted when the planes are standing idle because the training needs have changed. The AERALIS/Lessor/Lessee relationship means that the end user will be able to adapt their trainer fleet to meet both current and future training requirements,” Tim Davies, AERALIS Strategy Director said.

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