Iran Unveils New Military Vehicles, Drone & Smart Robot

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  • 07:00 AM, October 4, 2019
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Iran Unveils New Military Vehicles, Drone & Smart Robot
Rouintan bullet-proof personnel carrier (image: IRNA)

The Iranian military on Thursday received new, indigenously-developed military hardware including bullet-proof tactical vehicles, reconnaissance drone and smart robots.

The new pieces of equipment were officially delivered to the relevant military forces during a ceremony held on October 3, Press TV reported.

The army showcased its new lightweight bullet-proof personnel carrier, the Rouintan, which reportedly enjoys high mobility in different battlegrounds.


Iran Unveils New Military Vehicles, Drone & Smart Robot
Heidar-1, the smart robot (image: IRNA)

A network-oriented smart robot dubbed Heidar 1 was also displayed. The robot is capable of rotating 360 degrees, carrying loads, and detecting objects and obstacles.

Additionally, the army unveiled a hand-launched reconnaissance drone, named Farpad, which is equipped with autopilot and can take pictures round the clock. “Farpad” is designed for the combat intelligence collection units serving in the mobile offense brigades or rapid reaction squads.

A new portable jamming system that can detect and disrupt various types of hostile multirotor drones was also showcased, reports u-net news.


Iran Unveils New Military Vehicles, Drone & Smart Robot

The country also displayed a new guidance and control system used for missiles with pin-point accuracy. The “Labbayk-1” system has reportedly passed tests in the laboratory and in the field.

Another product unveiled in the event was “Rueen-Tan”, a light-weight armored vehicle, resistant to steel core ammunition. The vehicle is equipped with modern technologies, operates with great power and agility, and can save the lives of personnel in the battlefield or against terrorist attacks, the Army said.


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