Turkey's Domestic Long Range Radar to be Ready Soon

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  • 08:35 AM, October 23, 2019
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Turkey's Domestic Long Range Radar to be Ready Soon
KALKAN is Aselsan's 3D radar system for low and medium range air defense mission operations.

Work on Turkey’s domestic long-range radar systems will be completed soon, Mustafa Akkulu, Aselsan Radar Systems Director, said Tuesday.

“Aselsan has been working on an S-Band long-range radar system. It will be completed soon, allowing the country to completely eliminate its external dependence on such systems,” Akkulu was quoted as saying by the local media.

Aselsan has previously developed low and medium-altitude air defense radar systems like KALKAN, a mobile search radar system, and TF 2000 frigate sensor suites like ÇAFRAD.

“We plan to integrate domestically developed radars on F-16 fighters, along with a different system called RF suit,” Akkulu said, without specifying the type of radar that will be used.

“The RF suit will also be integrated into the national combat aircraft (MMU) within the next three years,” he added.


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