First Interception of Russian Aircraft by F-35 Jets

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  • 06:35 AM, March 13, 2020
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First Interception of Russian Aircraft by F-35 Jets
Russian MiG-31 fighter and Tu-142 outside Norwegian airspace on March 7, 2020 (image: Norwegian Luftforsvaret)

The Royal Norwegian Air Force deployed its F-35 fighters to intercept three Russian aircraft when it was flying over Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap on Saturday, which makes it the first F-35 interception of Russian planes.

The Air Force said that it stopped the Russian aircraft, two Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft, and an MiG-31 fighter after they were noticed by the air control station in Sorreisa, northern Norway.

Two British Typhoon fighter jets then took over the mission to monitor the Russian planes. 

“Royal Air Force (RAF) Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon aircraft were launched today from RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Coningsby," a spokesperson for RAF was quoted as saying by Russia’s TASS news agency on Thursday.

"This was a routine response to intercept two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack bombers approaching UK airspace. The aircraft were monitored throughout and at no point entered UK sovereign airspace," the official added.

“The Armed Forces yesterday established reinforced extra F-35 preparedness from Orland air station to enhance sovereignty,” said Chief of the Norwegian Air Force, Major General Tonje Skinnarland.

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