Ansat Helicopters Certified for ‘Safe’ Landing on Water

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  • 07:28 AM, March 14, 2020
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Ansat Helicopters Certified for ‘Safe’ Landing on Water

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) has given its approval to install floatation systems on Ansat helicopters for safe landing on water.

Ansat has also received certification for the reduction in airworthiness limitations of its main parts, leading to reduction in maintenance and flying costs.

“The Federal Air Transport Agency certified the installation of the Emergency Floatation System on Ansat helicopter. It is designed for emergency water landing and is used to save lives of the crew and passengers,” Russian Helicopters said in a statement on March 9.

“Additionally, Ansat has certification of the reduction in airworthiness limitations of its main parts, such as the main rotor hub, the antitorque rotor, the empennage, etc. This will allow reducing the cost of replacing the parts and considerably reduce the cost of helicopter maintenance, and a flying hour in general,” the company said.

The floatation system underwent tests at Kazan Helicopter’s facility. The tests included time taken to fill the ballonets and the helicopter’s performance when in flight.  On ground, activation of life rafts, evacuation of passengers and crew through through emergency exits were assessed.-

"Kazan Helicopters received an opinion on flotation and resilience of Ansat helicopter with the sea state code 4 (moderate waves) according to the World Meteorological Organization, after simulation tests of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky in a basin and in the open sea," said Managing Director of Kazan Helicopters Yuri Pustovgarov.

Ansat helicopters equipped with the Emergency Floatation System will be capable of flights at a considerable distance from the coast, as well as of participation in search and rescue operations. The installation of the Emergency Floatation System will be optional, at a customer's request.

In January 2019, Rosaviatsiya certified to increase the take-off and landing altitude of the chopper to 3,500m from the previous 1,000m.

The light multi-purpose Ansat helicopter has two engines, and can be used for passenger and VIP transport, cargo delivery, environmental monitoring, and as an air medical helicopter.







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