Armenian Military Reveals Downed Israel-Built Azerbaijani Drones

  • Aishwarya Rakesh
  • 08:31 AM, July 23, 2020
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Armenian Military Reveals Downed Israel-Built Azerbaijani Drones
Wreckage of Azerbaijan drones displayed by Armenia

Armenia showcased wreckage of fourteen combat drones used by the Azerbaijan military that it destroyed, a number of which were Israel-manufactured.

“These are the 14 UAVs of Azerbaijan (strategic, reconnaissance and strike) that we destroyed using our modern air defense systems,” Armenian Military of Defense said July 22.

The military held a rather unusual exhibition on Tuesday showcasing all of the drones it brought down, at Khanpertsyan Military Aviation University.

Armenian Military Reveals Downed Israel-Built Azerbaijani Drones

Among those identified are Hermes and Skystriker drones built by Israeli firm Elbit Systems. Other confirmed Israeli-origin drones are IAI Harop loitering munitions, Thunder B small tactical UAV designed by BlueBird Aero Systems, and Aeronautics Defense Systems’ Orbiter 2 and 3.

The images shared by the Armenian defense ministry show several drones intact, which were perhaps captured; and numerous burnt drone parts that appear to have been shot down.

According to Russia’s, Armenia received a shot in the arm from Russia in bringing down the UAVs. Russia lent a helping hand by providing its Container over-the-horizon radar providing Armenia with long distance airspace monitoring and ballistic missile detection capabilities.

Armenian Military Reveals Downed Israel-Built Azerbaijani Drones
Remains of Armenian X-55 that was shot down by Azerbaijan

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan MoD said three Armenian reconnaissance drones were shot down in two days (July 21-22). Among those three was an X-55 built by Armenian Defense Industry. On July 17, Turkey offered its combat drones, ammunition and missiles to Azerbaijan. Ankara said it is also willing to lend new defense systems to Azerbaijan and will work together with Baku for the modernization, maintenance and repair of the systems.

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