Iranian Ballistic Missiles Hit Targets 1,800km Away in Indian Ocean

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  • 03:39 AM, January 17, 2021
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Iranian Ballistic Missiles Hit Targets 1,800km Away in Indian Ocean
Missile exploding in water @PressTV

Iran’s indigenously-developed ballistic missiles destroyed targets located 1,800km away in the Indian Ocean on Saturday.

State-owned news agency PRESS TV reported today that missiles fired from central Iran hit mock enemy warships with “pinpoint accuracy” during massive military drills.

The long-range missiles splashed down ~30km to a commercial ship and ~160km from the Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group. At least two Iranian ballistic missiles exploded on impact when they hit the ocean, sending shards of debris in all directions, Fox News wrote citing U.S. officials.

While 160km is well over the horizon and not visible from the aircraft carrier or its escort ships, American spy satellites orbiting high above in space tracked the missile launch from Tehran. It's not immediately clear if the AN/SPY-1 radar aboard the guided-missile cruiser escorting the aircraft carrier Nimitz tracked the launch.

Iran’s missile firing comes just days after a U.S. guided-missile submarine armed with well over 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles lurked near Strait of Hormuz.

Saturday's test was the third military exercise in less than two weeks after a naval exercise in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday and Thursday and an army drone drill on January 5-6.

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