Three Prototypes of Russian Engine for Ka-226T Helicopter by Year-end

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  • 02:35 PM, April 5, 2021
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Three Prototypes of Russian Engine for Ka-226T Helicopter by Year-end
VK-650V engine

Three prototypes of the VK-650V engine, meant to power the KA-226T helicopter, will be manufactured by Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC)-Klimov by the end of 2021.

Rostec said in a statement today that a demonstrator VK-650 engine is currently being tested. “The current design results prove the competitiveness of the power plant being created. The next stage will be the production of prototypes of VK-650V and their testing, work with the digital twin of the product,” the Russian state-owned holding conglomerate headquartered in Moscow, said.

Further work on the VK-650V will be carried out within the framework of a program that includes several projects, including the modification of the power plant for other helicopters, the organization of serial production, and the development of an after-sales service system.

“The program will include R&D work on the development of VK-650V for the Ka-226, a modification for the Ansat-U, a project to put the engine into serial production, work on organizing after-sales service and service,” said UEC General Designer Yuri Shmotin.

The VK-650V engine, created at UEC-Klimov, has a take-off power of 650 hp, and is intended for operation as part of the Russian Ka-226T light helicopters. It is also possible to install its modifications on Ansat-U, VRT-500 helicopters and foreign helicopters of the same payload class.

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