Shipping Container-Based Service Unit Offered for Engine of Russian KA-226T Helicopter

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  • 11:28 AM, May 21, 2021
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Shipping Container-Based Service Unit Offered for Engine of Russian KA-226T Helicopter
VK-650V engine

The UEC-Klimov Company of Russia presented a shipping container based mobile servicing unit for the new VK-650V engine mounted on the KA-226T light helicopter.

To improve after-sales service, specialists of UEC-Klimov have developed the concept of a mobile service unit (MSU) that takes quick maintenance and repair of engines to the point of operation.

The basis of the MSU is a 40-foot container which will house all necessary tools and can be transported  by truck, rail or air. The unique service concept was presented at the HeliRussia-2021 Exhibition, currently on in Moscow.

“The service block provides of all the necessary tools and equipment. With the help of MSU, we will ensure the fastest possible engine repair. In addition, we will offer the lowest cost of service in comparison with foreign counterparts,” said Anastasia Solovyova, director of the PDV program - chief designer.

Besides the Ka-226T light-class helicopters, the VK-650V engine can also be installed on Ansat-U, VRT-500 and foreign helicopters of the same payload class.

The first VK-650V demonstrator engine was assembled in December 2020. At the beginning of 2021, the first successful start-up was performed with ignition of the combustion chamber. Testing of the demonstrator engine is now underway. In 2021, JSC UEC-Klimov plans to manufacture three prototypes of VK-650V and conduct their engineering tests. Engine certification is scheduled for 2023.

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