Egyptian FREMM Frigates to Get Aster-30 Missiles, Vulcano Munitions

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  • 02:26 PM, May 28, 2021
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Egyptian FREMM Frigates to Get Aster-30 Missiles, Vulcano Munitions
FREMM Bergamini-class frigate

The Egyptian Navy has reportedly taken delivery of ASTER-30 vertically launched surface-to-air missiles and Vulcano precision-guided, gun-launched munitions to equip them on the service’s FREMM Bergamini-class frigates.

Cairo bought two frigates built by Italian company Fincantieri and other military equipment for €1.2 billion. The contract was signed in August 2020, as per older reports.

The first ship, Al Galala (FFG 1002) frigate reached the Egyptian Navy base in Alexandria on 30 December 2020. The second one joined the Egyptian Navy in April 2021. Formerly known as Emilio Bianchi, the frigate was renamed Bernees (FFG 10030).

The Egyptian FREMM frigates are 144m long and 19.7m wide. They have a displacement of 6,500 tons, range of 6,000nm and endurance of 45 days. Each of these ships can accommodate 200 people.

These frigates are armed with 16-cell MBDA SYLVER A50 VLS for 16 MBDA Aster 15 and 30 surface-to-air missiles, one Leonardo Otobreda 127/64 Vulcano, one Leonardo OTO Melara 76/62 mm Davide/Strales CIWS gun, two Leonardo Oto Melara/Oerlikon KBA 25/80 mm remote weapon systems, eight MBDA Teseo\Otomat Mk-2/A anti-ship and land-attack missiles, two triple Leonardo (WASS) B-515/3 launcher for MU 90 torpedoes, two Leonardo ODLS-20 (Oto Melara Decoy Launching System) and two SITEP MASS CS-424 acoustic guns.

The Aster-30 vertically launched surface-to-air missiles are produced by MBDA. The missile is designed to intercept and destroy a wide range of air threats, such as supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles at very low altitude (Sea-skimming) and fast-flying, high-performance aircraft or missiles. The missile has a range from 3 to 120 km and can fly at an altitude from 0 to 20 km.

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