MKU to launch Instavest Ballistic over vest in LAAD 2009

  • 12:00 AM, April 14, 2009
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MKU, a global defense solutions company and a pioneer in personal and vehicle protection solutions is launching the acclaimed Instavest Ballistic over vest in Latin America during LAAD 2009. MKU claims that Instavest is the most advanced ballistic jacket available in the world today – Instavest features a lot of innovations and advancements which provide enhanced protection comfort to the user. In life threatening situations… a split second is all that a soldier has. He needs to react swiftly to avoid drastic consequences. Instavest features a new quick release jettison system which divests the vest immediately from the user’s body within a split second in a single action. MKU claims that this new vest, for which it has filed a patent, will change the way soldiers perceive and use a Quick Release Vest. It claims that Instavest is the fastest quick release vest in the world, both, in terms of taking it off and then reassembling it and putting it on. ”Although there are some other quick release ballistic vests available in the market – all have cumbersome systems to jettison the vest of the users body, once taken off, it is a very cumbersome process to reassemble the jacket back again, it takes a lot of training and time for a soldier to put it back again and then also chances are that a normal soldier would not be able to put reassemble it a manner which will ensure a safe jettison in the eventuality of an emergency” says Manish Khandelwal, the Business Manager – Personal Protection, MKU. Manish is also the inventor of Instavest, he claims that “Instavest from MKU is a jacket that is advanced by design, it is a product which is a result of a lot of research and field trials”. Manish claims that putting the Instavest on and off is so simple that a person can jettison the vest in less than a second in a single action and then reassemble and put it back on in less than 45 seconds.