Japanese Navy Receives Second Taigei-Class Submarine

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  • 06:02 AM, October 14, 2021
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Japanese Navy Receives Second Taigei-Class Submarine
Hakugei Taigei-class submarine @JMSDF

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) has taken delivery of the second Taigei-class submarine.

"The new submarine of JMSDF~'HAKUGEI' (White Whale) born in Kobe, Japan, on 14 October," the Navy posted on its official Twitter account on Thursday.

The Navy has set a goal of increasing the number of its submarines from 16 to 22 Under its 2010 National Defense Program Guidelines which also includes expanding its surface warships fleets and naval aviation.

Japan is preparing to counter increasing activities by China and North Korea in waters near Japan, especially around a group of Japan-administered islands claimed by China in the East China Sea.

Japanese Navy Receives Second Taigei-Class Submarine

The first “Taigei” submarine was delivered to the service in October 2020. It measures 84 meters in length and 9.1 meters in width and cost around ¥76 billion ($720 million) to build.

This class of submarine, which can accommodate a crew of 70, has a stealth-like design and is equipped with lithium-ion batteries so that it can remain underwater longer than previous models, it also said.

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