Israeli F-16s, Drones Integrated with ADA Anti-Jam GPS System

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  • 05:06 AM, October 22, 2021
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Israeli F-16s, Drones Integrated with ADA Anti-Jam GPS System
Israeli F-16

Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) ADA Anti-Jam GPS System, designed to protect GPS/GNSS navigation from jamming, has been integrated into advanced platforms used by the Israeli Air Force (IAF), including into F-16 fighter jets and various types of UAS.

ADA provides immunity against GPS jammers, most recently demonstrating its effectiveness in ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls’ in May 2021.

"Electronic warfare poses an evolving threat to satellite navigation systems. The integration of the ADA System to protect various platforms against GNSS jammers is an essential component to any platform or mission system that uses GNSS receivers in general and GPS receivers in particular. As such, it constitutes a critical element of any modern army’s operational organization,” said Jacob Galifat, IAI’s VP and General Manager of the IAI-MALAM Division.

At the beginning of 2017, IAI won the Israeli Ministry of Defense's tender to integrate the ADA System into one of the IAF’s advanced airborne platforms. IAI provided the IAF with a solution based on a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) incorporating unique technological capabilities. ADA’s integration allows the continued operation of avionic systems that rely on satellite navigation when GPS jammers or other mechanisms are used to jam or disrupt satellite signals.

ADA-O, a derivative of the ADA System, adds to the existing ADA portfolio by providing an optimal solution for land or marine platforms requiring outdoor operations. ADA-O is compatible with various platforms, providing a unique, effective and mature operational solution to communication, navigation and command and control systems. Straightforward installation ensures quick integration on end-users’ platforms, such as APC’s, artillery guns, MCCVs, and communication shelters. ADA-O is also suitable for integration on marine platforms.

Most navigation, communication, and warfare systems integrated into modern platforms depend on the continuous availability of GPS/GNSS satellites. The ADA product portfolio, developed by IAI, is compatible with a broad range of satellite navigation systems (GNSS). Its technology implements multiple mitigation methods and specialized digital signal processing algorithms. The system's versatility facilitates the integration in numerous platforms, including fighter jets and helicopters, UAS, ground platforms such as tanks and armored personnel carriers, marine platforms, and guided munition.

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