Russia Reveals Unmanned Version of Brand New ‘Checkmate’ Jet

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  • 08:50 AM, November 15, 2021
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Russia Reveals Unmanned Version of Brand New ‘Checkmate’ Jet
Checkmate at Dubai Airshow 2021 @UAC

Russia’s state-owned Rostec revealed the unmanned modification of the fifth-generation Checkmate light tactical aircraft for the first time on Monday.

This variant can be seen in a new video posted today on the YouTube channels of Rostec and the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

UAC presented medium-range MC-21-310 with Russian PD-14 engines, a new version of a business jet based on the Superjet 100 and Checkmate for the first time abroad at the ongoing Dubai Airshow 2021. Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec, said during the show that three prototypes of the Checkmate will be built by 2023, the year Russia is targeting for its first flight. He considers Chinese-Pakistani JF-17, Chinese J-10 and American F-16 fighters to be a competitor for the Checkmate in foreign markets. “Only the F-35 can boast of comparable capabilities, which is more expensive both in terms of price and service cost,” he added.

Russia considers countries of Africa, India and Vietnam as potential customers for the fifth-generation Checkmate single-engine fighter. It comes with an attractive price tag of around $25-30 million. As per Russian media reports, there will be further reduction in the jet’s cost after unification with the Su-35s and Su-57s.

Developed by Sukhoi, the Checkmate is capable of traveling up to 3,000 km, can reach Mach 2 speeds and can carry 7400 kg of combat load. It will be able to simultaneously attack up to six air, sea and ground targets, including attack drones and foreign fifth-generation aircraft.

Checkmate may be equipped with the Second Stage Izdeliye 30 (Item 30) engine that will soon power all Sukhoi Su-57 stealth jets.

Russia Reveals Unmanned Version of Brand New ‘Checkmate’ Jet
MC-21-310 fitted with Russian-made PD-14 engine at Dubai Airshow 2021 @UAC
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